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Woodward Place Regional Playground
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Woodward Place
Master Plan

The Woodward Park Masterplan is an aspirational 30 year plan for an iconic lifestyle precinct at the heart of Liverpool, with world-class facilities to support a connected and diverse community. At the heart of Liverpool, one of the fastest-growing cities in Australia, Woodward Place will be a key asset in assisting Liverpool City Council in enabling and accommodating future growth.

Acknowledgement of Country

We would like to acknowledge the Cabrogal Clan of the Darug Nation who are the traditional custodians of the land that now reside within Liverpool City Council’s boundaries. We acknowledge that this land was also accessed by peoples of the Tharawal and Darug Nation. We acknowledge that Aboriginal culture continues to strengthen and enrich our community. We commit ourselves to preserve past, present and future identified Aboriginal sites and cultural landscapes. Liverpool City Council supports and encourages Aboriginal and non- Aboriginal people working towards reconciliation.

From Park to Place

Liverpool City Council aims to create an opportunity not seen within an Australian city context since federation, transforming Woodward Park to Woodward Place, a social, cultural and recreational hub, which will be the backbone of Liverpool’s city life.

“Enhancing and building on the character of Woodward Park to reimagine as Woodward Place.”

The Vision

The overarching vision is for Woodward Place to be a catalyst for growth across the Liverpool City Centre, where the community will feel at home, workers will enjoy a parkland setting and residents will have access to a community hub for city life. The vision is broken down into 8 key areas of activation based on the refurbishment and redevelopment of major facilities of the site. 

Guiding Principles

City Image

Strengthening the city image and connect Liverpool regionally & globally.


Creating seamless transitions between the city an the park, allowing easy access to all transport modes.


Building on early beginning, connecting to the original and current inhabitants.


Strengthening the blue green grid.


Create exceptional public spaces that are well cared for.


Create gathering spaces for diverse users throughout Woodward Place.


Provide for flexible sport and recreation opportunities.

18-Hour City

Inspire an 18-hour activations, supporting a thriving community.


The proposed Woodward Place Masterplan is a high level 25-30-year horizon for the site. It is envisaged that each component of the masterplan will undertake further review and consultation well before implementation. The plan is not legislated so any structure shown on private property is indicative only. All renderings or visualisations are mere artists impressions.

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Liverpool City Council is positioned to lead its community through immense change over the next 10 years. With a rapidly increasing population, the construction of Western Sydney Airport and the development of Liverpool’s city centre as innovative health, education and lifestyle precinct, Council is committed to continued collaboration with residents and stakeholders.
In preparing for the future growth of Liverpool, Council is developing a masterplan for Woodward Place.

As Liverpool changes, Woodward Place will become a place for community life, with world-class facilities to support a healthy, connected and diverse population. 
With a number of strategic priorities paving the way forward for increased population growth, a diverse community and a changing economic environment, Woodward Park is well-positioned to play a major role in the strategic future of Liverpool.

Woodward Park is approximately 500 metres long (north/south) and between 450-615 metres wide (east/west). It is home to a range of sport, education, community and recreation facilities used by community groups and organisations in and around Liverpool.

The daily activities at Woodward Park are managed by ‘A Plan of Management’ (POM). Plans of management must be prepared for all types of parks on community land and are required to be developed to determine and guide the future management of the public open space assets under Council management. The POM sets out management objectives and performance targets for such ‘community land’ as well as providing management direction for activities that occur within the park. 

A Plan of Management that is unique to Woodward Park is currently being prepared alongside the long term Woodward Place Masterplan. 


The Woodward Place Masterplan is an aspirational 30-year plan for an iconic lifestyle precinct at the heart of Liverpool, with world-class facilities to support a healthy, connected and diverse community. Woodward Place will become a place for community life, and revolutionise the city for those who live, work and play in Liverpool.

It is with this understanding we have created the ‘activation wheel’ of past, present and emerging opportunities for the future of Woodward Place. 

We begin with designing with Country in mind and seek to link the blue and green natural landscape of Woodward Park, creating new opportunities to enjoy and come together in celebration of the community of Liverpool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Woodward Park is a 28-hectare park located 800m from Liverpool Station. The park currently features sport and recreation, community services and facilities, civic services, health services, education, parking and events.

A Masterplan is a strategic planning document that provides a dynamic and conceptual guide to growth and development in the site. It includes technical studies and analysis, recommendations and suggestions for site use and infrastructure. Masterplans have a core role in developing timeframes and implementation schedules, attract funding and determine the mix of uses and how they respond to community needs and aspirations. The goal of the masterplan is to provide high quality multi-use facilities that provide a regional benchmark for design and maximise community use. 

As Liverpool undergoes immense change over the next 10 years, Council will strive to meet the needs of its community and provide a diverse and inclusive city. As Council works through their priorities, as outlined in Liverpool’s Community Strategic Plan Our Home, Liverpool 2027, they will look for ways to deliver these services, facilities and opportunities in Woodward Park.
The Masterplan for this site provides a unique opportunity to provide an outstanding public space outcome that is tailored to the needs of Liverpool’s growing community. The site is positioned at the edge of the existing CBD and is poised to provide facilities to supplement strong residential growth in the surrounding area. From humble beginnings at Australia’s fourth established town, Liverpool’s population is expected to increase to 331,000 by the year 2036.

Woodward Park is a 28-hectare recreational park located adjacent to Liverpool CBD,  hosting a range of sporting facilities and community services. The site contains a mix of formal and informal sporting infrastructure which have varying levels of provision, condition and use. The site also contains a mixture of community uses and services, including a major ambulance hub, which supports the Liverpool community. 

Liverpool City Council aims to create an opportunity not seen within an Australian City context since federation, transforming Woodward Park into Woodward Place, a social, cultural and recreational hub which will be the backbone of Liverpool’s City Life – from Park to Place.

The leisure centre will be the first implementation of the Woodward Place Masterplan and will include the revitalisation and redevelopment of the Leisure Centre and adjoining aquatic facilities including a regional aquatic centre, district aquatic facility, water play facility or temporary and pop- up water play.

For now, all existing uses will remain active in the site. Until the Masterplan is able to secure funding no work is expected. However, site stakeholder consultation will commence well before any implementation plan.

The site will be the backbone of Liverpool’s City Life, a social, cultural and recreational hub. It aims to improve activation and provide a catalyst for City Centre growth – giving residents, workers and students access to new inter-generational parkland settings and community hub, as well as positioning Liverpool as a multi-cultural destination that promises to provide a gathering place for all ages, experiences and be a hub of local and regional activity. 

Liverpool City Council has curated and led a specialist team of planning, design and place practitioners. The consortium was led by People, Place and Partnership as the Project Management, Project Design, Engagement and Activation, Urban Design by Hassell, Architectural Services from Terrior, Landscape Design by Aspect Studios and Aboriginal Advisory and engagement from Yerrabingin.







During the Masterplan development process, the community provided feedback and valuable insights regarding the current uses, needs and future aspirations for the site.

To consider what shapes the future of Woodward Place Council has spent the last two years talking widely with the existing users of Woodward Place to best understand their ongoing needs, heard from community first hand about the aspirations for the Liverpool City Centre through the Local Strategic Planning Process, the City Centre Public Domain Strategy and in 2020 at an engagement events at Woodward Park to coincide with Australia Day Events.

We have held a design jam with local Aboriginal knowledge holders and continue to seek input from our onsite users. From these processes we have learnt what people value about the natural environment of Woodward Park, the Whitlam Leisure Centre, the local sporting clubs, the variety of local and regional events, daily community life through the KU preschool, Autism Advisory Service, Meals on Wheels and have created a summary of the ongoing activities that have existed in Woodward Park over the many decades to inform the city life of Liverpool community.

A full overview of the engagement process can be found here.

You can provide feedback by completing the Have Your Say survey.




Business As Usual

Plan of Management

Securing Funding

Leisure Centre Approval

Regional Park Approval



Leisure Centre Opening

New Sporting Facilities

Parking Facilities



Events Lawn Construction

Community Facilities

Access Network



Realising Woodward Place

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How to navigate on your device

Watch this quick how-to video to make the most of your experience using the interactive maps and learning about the Woodward Place Masterplan. 

How to navigate on your device

Watch this quick how-to video to make the most of your experience using the interactive maps and learning about the Woodward Place Masterplan.